Scalable, Continuous Data Management Solutions.

Who We Are

IMMERSIVx is a software development and consulting services firm that transform portfolios to the new digital world. We provide the platform for your data, we provide the services to connect the physical to the virtual and the expertise to transform your data into information in a single platform.

IMMERSIVx works with companies in all industries, but specializes in the Commercial and Industrial Real Estate, Architecture, Construction and Owner/operator markets that utilize BIM, GIS, Lease, Property and Facilities/Asset management tools. Whether you have existing technology that is isolated within your business processes or you are looking for a better solution, we have the platform that can connect you to your data.

What We Do

In any large scale building or planning project, valuable data is generated and utilized. However, too often this data is segregated and stored in purpose-built tools that make it nearly impossible to view the global picture needed for informed decision making. This forces companies into the time consuming, and manual process of data migration and integration. This can be not only costly, but prone to inaccuracies as well.

IMMERSIVx integrates new and existing capital lifecycle data and management systems into one multi-directional data management hub.

Whether you are planning a new facility or analyzing operations and efficiency of existing facilities, having all the information about your capital program at your fingertips is crucial. Being able to link, validate and visualize all of your data from a single source of truth enables unparalleled insights into your planning, analysis and management processes.

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

  • Realize the advantages of a single source of truth that provides unparalleled insights you’ve not had easy access to before, in order to help you make smart business decisions
  • Gain unparalleled insight into Enterprise Asset & Facilities Management Systems and Processes
  • Save time and improve efficiencies with Automatic population & QA/QC
  • Discover true valuation of Total Cost of Ownership
  • Set an intelligent foundation for Enterprise Risk Management, Capital Planning and Budgeting

Data Management Technology & Process Solutions

IMMERSIVx provides a data integration and visualization platform, backed up with proven business processes to unlock the data that can provide you with the ‘single truth’ or what we call the ‘silver thread’ of truth.

IMMERSIVx provides total visibility into your portfolio through Virtualization of existing properties, major assets and data into a single point, process based technology & implementation platform (TRINITYx™) creating a new standard of data now and in the future

TRINITYx is a process driven technology platform that collects and integrates data throughout a project lifecycle and makes it usable for downstream functions. The platform enables data derived from popular but disparate business applications, that customers use to conduct specific business functions, to be ‘layered’ on top of a normalized data hub – making all the data speak to and learn from each other. This realizes the silver thread of information across multiple departments and technologies – creating smart networks that show companies the single view of truth they need to make confident business decisions.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) The use of BIM aids in bridging the gap between traditional project deliverables and other capital program functions. Including BIM in your strategy not only provides a more collaborative environment, but also facilitates rich data capture not realized with traditional CAD/printed deliverables. Our brand of BIM services is about responding to a client's cost affective operation and return on their investments.

Geographic Information System (GIS) technology is known for its ability to improve analysis, decision making, and overall operations. Our brand of GIS aligns to a client's strategic plan by taking care of the technical process so that our clients get the valuable information they want, in the way they like to get it, for less than they expect. This delivers a healthy return on investment.

Want to Learn More?

In today’s world, with shrinking budgets and challenging global economic conditions managing capital facility and asset data streams have become a priority. Whether you are planning a new facility or managing an existing one, having all the information about your capital program at your fingertips in a single source of truth is crucial.

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The executive leadership at IMMERSIVx knows first-hand that informed scalable enterprise platform-enabled processes are the key to truly integrating and enabling meaningful results for our clients.We know because we’ve been in your shoes. We’ve been faced with the challenges and decisions you are faced with and have been forced to manually piece together data sources to the extent our processes and systems would allow. It was not efficient. It was not effective and it didn't provide the bigger picture insight into real property, assets and lifecycle management we needed to grow our business. We created IMMERSIVx to overcome these challenges. Hear more about Daniel Stonecipher’s story.


Denver International Airport Rolls Out
State-of-the-Art Asset Management Program

Building Information Modeling System to Save Time, Money in Facility Management

DENVER, CO — February 14, 2014 — Denver International Airport (DIA) is one of the first airports in the world to implement Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology for use in the day-to-day asset management of the entire airport facility. The new BIM system makes maintenance of the airport infrastructure more efficient, which in turn saves time and money, and improves quality. For example, DIA personnel will soon be able to access information on when items were purchased, the cost, the item’s specific location, when it was installed, the maintenance schedule and other information important to maintaining the airport facilities... Read more.